Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mistress ... please!

I love books involving light to moderate BDSM. The dynamics are incredibly erotic, tantalizing all the senses. I've read many more that feature the male dominant (featuring both male and/or female submissives), rather than the female dominant ... probably due to the bulk of D/s being written revolving around the male Dom.

But there is much to be said about a male in the submissive position. Let me clarify. I'm talking about a man that could be the typical Alpha male: strong and sure of himself in other areas of his life, but needing to give over control in the bedroom. Mmm-hmm ... you know the type I mean. Now imagine all that strength as yours to command and ultimately pleasure.

I just read Resisting Command by Jennifer Leeland and oh my god! Paul was an excellent submissive to Jenia's female dominance. I'm thrilled that Violet Summers has a new book coming soon featuring a lovely Domme: Velvet Submission.

Okay, here's where I ask for your help. I need your recommendations of smokin' hot books featuring the D/s theme -- Domme or Dom -- because it appears I have a new addiction. [grin] Come on now, help a girl out.