Erotic Bedtime Stories Series

Songs and poems of childhood ... all grown up and ready to play!

Have you ever wondered what was really happening in the nursery rhymes and children's songs we grew up listening to? Ms. Gunn explores some of the lingering questions in her fun series, Erotic Bedtime Stories!

Why is Mary so contrary? Find out in How Does Your Garden Grow?
The Letter offers a hot spin on "A Tisket A Tasket" after Emily loses her Letter to My Love and Stuart picks it up. What happens next is nothing short of steamy hot fun!

The Letter
Emily is a barista with secret yearnings for Stuart, the handsome owner of a local book store. 

A writing exercise called "A Letter to My Love" gets her deepest desires to the page, but she drops it on the way home. Just her luck, Stuart picks it up, and Emily realizes that he has no problem making her wildest fantasies become steamy reality!

How Does Your Garden Grow?
In the past, Mary has struggled to find a romantic connection with various men, but the chemistry simply wasn't there. 

After being dumped at dinner, she is invited by her long time friend to explore the possibility that there is a valid reason for the lack of chemistry in her previous relationships.

How Does Your Garden Grow? is a short sexy tale of discovery. Come with Mary as she finds her very own extraordinary "pretty maid" among a field of ordinary "cockle shells".

Be sure to look for more Bedtime Stories as Ms. Gunn answers questions like:

What's going on with the three men in a tub? Whose horn is little boy blue blowing? Who will waltz Matilda? And can love survive on a bicycle built for two?