Friday, October 22, 2010

What's on YOUR desktop?

I love sexy pictures. [shrug] Is this really surprising? Probably not. Nudes are wonderful. Stimulating. Nothing quite like the delicious curves and hard lines [grin] of the bare-naked human form. But what I find even more mouth-watering are the little hints and glimpses.

It's probably also obvious that these images provide inspiration as I write. Erotic romance generally includes lots and lots of toe-curling sex -- if you're lucky -- and visual aids are sometimes just the prompt needed to slip into the mood.
This is the desktop background on my laptop -- as well as the wallpaper on my phone! Her plump curves crushed against his solid chest. Her dominance to his submissive position. Skin to skin. The vulnerable line of his throat contrasted with his strength as he grips her leg. Mmm ... so many heart-skipping details.

So ... what's your background?

And speaking of images that make my heart skip a beat ... just a reminder, Hearts A Plenty is coming soon!! I am so thrilled to share the stories of love rediscovered in this sleepy little town.

Of course, while you're waiting for HaP, please come along with three friends as they find out just how far they'll go for love in Open Proposal ... available now.