Sunday, June 19, 2011

The simply delectable penis

[laughing out loud] Now that I have your attention ...

No, this isn't an instruction guide for performing fellatio, though that sounds like a fun idea, too. Maybe a future blog topic. Instead this will be my little adventure in the art of baking a penis cupcake ... or as they became known at the Pure Romance party the other night: cockcakes!

It goes without saying that these parties are just plain naughty fun! Even if you don't buy anything, they are a feast for the senses. Just as a wandering stroll through the local Lover's Lane is. My hubby and I are frequent flyers at ours. [wink]

Which is where I purchased the penis-shaped cake pans. Figured two 6-packs would do the trick and that was perfect.

Hmmm, what flavor cake to use? I went with the Betty Crocker Supermoist Carrot Cake mix ... seemed appropriate for this project, as did the Betty Crocker Home-Style Cream Cheese frosting. [eyebrows waggling]

I found that by alternating the positions of the penis pans I could fit all twelve onto the cookie sheet.

Filling the pans with the cake mix was basically a guessing game and I must say that a little goes a long way. The batter did seem to have tendency to rush toward the tip end! Made me wonder if this was a case of art imitating life?

They baked well within the recommended time suggested for cupcakes, which was 17-22 minutes. I started poking at the little peckers with a toothpick at about 19 minutes though, just because it was fun. [grin]

The foil pan (liberally lubed up with Pam cooking spray) made ejaculating -- er, ejecting them from the pans quite easy. They just kind of fell out when they were done.

The whole gang hung out for a while.
Mmmmm ... the guys looking downright delicious in their finest!  

Simply open wide and savor every mouthwatering inch -- er, bite! This is EXACTLY how to eat a penis!!

Have you ever had an occasion that called for some naughty baking?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Right now

These days you may find me:
  • Enjoying the beautiful spring weather on our front porch
  • Reading a sexy novel
  • Learning things about semi-trucks I never imagined there would be a need to know
  • Preparing for a trip to meet one of my best friends for the very first time. [happy dance]
  • Eating way too many Better Made potato chips. [grin]