Tuesday, September 29, 2009


soft lips
warm breath
sharp teeth
hot skin

I'm partial to that often stubble-rough, sensitive area right beneath the jaw. What spot on your lover's body is your favorite place to kiss and nibble?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Saddle up...

Yes, I believe this tempting cowboy would make a wonderful saddle...Cowboy, Up!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

5 Things

5 Things I'm into right now:
  1. Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach
  2. 10-Minute Trainer (don't be fooled by the name...this thing kicked my butt!)
  3. Pippy Longstocking braids in my hair
  4. caramel apples (I know, kind of defeats #2, but caramel apples are a must this time of year)
  5. high school football

Monday, September 7, 2009

Silver Star Award!!

Heather Nestorick from Just Erotic Romance Reviews gave Open Proposal an incredibly beautiful review!! I read it to my husband, then promptly burst into tears! JERR's Silver Star Award is the highest honor they hand out...reserved for "the best of the best," according to their website. I am positively ecstatic over this!! Thank you so much, Ms. Nestorick!

Open Proposal jumped out at me from the first page. This book explored something we see so often between two men and one woman. The author made the characters come alive and showed the distinction between how two women can each love one man and each other completely. I love books with female/female scenes and I could not wait to get into this one. Sam and Eve are a great couple and they match each other perfectly. I was captivated with them from the moment I saw them. Eve reminds me of myself and Sam is a woman I would be deeply attracted to. Roman is perfect; he is secure with his masculinity and his sexuality enough to know that pleasing two woman must involve all three of them. The plot of the book was romantic and quick, allowing you to fall for the characters and giving you a satisfying ending to a wonderful love story. A night that started off as pleasure for Sam became a night where three people found true love. Their relationship builds quickly but feels very real because of the raw emotions the characters show for each other. I have never been so turned on when reading a work of fiction as I was with this one. Ms. Gunn provided enough detail to set the scene but left enough to the imagination that mine was racing and drawing so wonderful pictures! I loved the interaction between the characters and the gentle probing of each ones deepest fantasy. The sex in this book showed how physical intimacy can make emotional and physical attractions very real. It reminded of what true love really means. Open Proposal will tug your heart strings and will make you melt; especially if you enjoy the fantasy of two women pressed together. Without a doubt, Open Proposal is Silver Star Award material.

Heather Nestorick
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Rating: Silver Star Award
Heat level: Orgasmic!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


I'll admit to not being the most patient of drivers on occasion, but in my three years of driving [LOL!!] I have rarely blown my horn, sworn at another driver, or used earthy hand signals.

While out running some errands today, I was exiting a parking lot onto the main road. I had looked down the road to where the light had changed at just about the same time that I entered the road. I've got a sporty little car, so it wasn't doggin' on picking up speed. I had to make a right into another business, so put my turn signal on well in advance. The guy that had been first at that red light though had to accelerate so quickly (not sure what he was trying to prove in his big SUV) that he was now right on my bumper. Sure enough, there came the bird.

I hadn't done anything wrong. It's like just by my turning out well ahead of any of the cars starting out at the light, I had in some way pissed him off. And for what? I would say that I had somehow slowed him down by 1 or 2 seconds, but in reality I don't even think that's the case. I suppose I could have waited for the whole line of cars from the light to pass, but really that wasn't necessary. There was a lot of both time and space for my entry onto the road.

He was probably angry with something that had nothing to do with me, but his actions instantly turned my good mood into a pissy mood. Rotten bastard. As is often the case though, just writing about it has improved my spirits and helped put the event in perspective. He was a prick. [grin]

Can you recall an instance where another driver ticked you off?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Simple Abundance

Many of you know of this book by Sarah Ban Breathnach. Some of you may even know that I had my own copy at one point...then it disappeared. POOF! I had absolutely no idea where it could have gone to, all I knew was that it was gone. Yes, I could have gone to the bookstore and bought a new copy, but wasn't ready to run out and repurchase because I had somehow lost or misplaced mine.

While browsing around the thrift store, thumbing through titles that included Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care, Laura Doyle's The Surrendered Wife, and Jackie Collins's The Bitch, I found my long lost treasure! Well, not mine because mine would have had my initials on the front page. But a beautiful like-brand-new-the-binding-creaked-when-I-opened-it copy of Ms. Breathnach's wonderful book. I am thrilled with my find and look forward to digging into it again.

Have you ever thrown away, sold, or lost something and regretted it to the extent that you repurchased it?