Thursday, January 28, 2010

Taking it off

This past week I had a couple of blogging firsts over at SEx -  the Liquid Silver Books blog. To fill in for someone, I posted my very first (non-Morning After) entry with a nice response from my fellow authors. Thanks everyone. Then on Sunday I hosted my very first Flash Fiction and had a wonderful turnout. Thank you SO much to everyone that popped in to contribute or say hello. It was a lot of fun!

My challenge to any who wanted to participate was this: Give me a scene in roughly 100 word bites involving some sort of game, a minimum of two people or participants, and the sexy fun that comes when skin starts playing peek-a-boo among the cards and tokens!

A Win-Win Situation
“Three in a row, baby!” Leo jumped to his feet beside the coffee table and started doing he-man poses and hip grinding to the crowd – in this case, a crowd of one. “Come on, Steph! That’s an excellent winning streak. You gotta give me a little something.”

For their fourth date they had decided to spend the evening at her place watching movies or playing games. As she took in his huge grin, she couldn’t help but laugh at his antics. “It’s just Yahtzee,” she said, suddenly feeling breathless and hot. Before she realized where her roaming eyes were headed, they had strayed to his gyrating hips, and more specifically, what lay behind the fly of his jeans.

She’d been getting more and more aroused just watching his hands on the dice, hearing the deep rumble of his voice as he talked and laughed. She wanted to crawl all over him. "The law of averages is bound to kick in here for me soon."

He returned to the table still strewn with the dice, score sheets, and pencils and waited for Stephanie’s eyes to meet his. Dark green fire blasted her.

“Really?” He flashed a sexy grin filled with all sorts of wicked promise and dropped to his knees beside her. “Care to up the ante?”

At the challenge, Stephanie’s mouth went dry. Her entire body tingled.

“I’m listening.” Her pulse ran wild through her veins. Each shallow breath dragged the lacy bra over tight achy nipples. A detail that didn’t escape his hot gaze.

Leo trailed his fingers along the deep vee of her cotton shirt, then leaned in for a quick kiss. “The new game is strip Yahtzee,” he said against her lips. He caressed her sensitive nipples with the backs of his fingers. Stephanie moaned at his touch, wanting a real kiss. Instead he pulled back. “The rules are simple,” he growled, suggesting he was getting as turned on as she was.

She reached for the beer bottle on the table, needing a drink. She’d barely taken a sip when he snagged it, took a drink, then set it back on the table. “I don’t want you drunk, Steph,” he said in response to her raised eyebrow. “I want you naked.”

Stephanie had lost track of the number of games they’d played. She knew she knelt beside the table in nothing but her socks and panties. The latter getting wetter by the second. After losing her shirt and bra, it seemed silly to put them back on. Her bare breasts swayed as she rolled the dice.

Leo’s eyes blazed hot as he tracked her every move, his face tight with lust, clearly distracted by her abundant curves on display. She tallied up the dice, giggling as she put the score in the upper portion. “I got the bonus points on the top.” She leaned over the table and pointed to his score sheet. “You didn’t. Give me something.”

A growl rumbled in his chest and Stephanie felt it in the deep throb between her legs. He stood and started opening his jeans, the soft material hugging the length of an impressive erection that had Stephanie’s mouth watering. “I’m gonna give you something, sweetheart.”

Stephanie crawled around the table as he kicked the jeans out of the way.

“Is there such a thing as a draw in Yahtzee?” she asked, not really caring what the answer might be. She licked her lips. “We’re both at three, right? Socks and …” her words trailed off.

She walked her fingers up his leg, past his tempting cock, to the waistband of his boxers. Her heart pounded in her throat as she slowly dragged the cotton down his legs.

“There is tonight,” he said roughly, practically falling to his knees. Stephanie quickly found herself stretched out on her back as Leo settled between her legs. “And I’m more than ready to share the winnings.”