Friday, December 30, 2011

Time for bed

All that travel and gift delivering has worn poor ol' Santa right out. What do you say we tuck him into bed properly?

Friday, December 23, 2011

Sexy music

Click the picture to see these little notes in action.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

Slow down

Some things you simply have to savor. Take your time with. Like this.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Social networking is like quicksand ... the more flailing around I do, the faster I sink into The Nothing.

I'm trying ... really. Back on Facebook. Back on Twitter. Even trying to update via another site called Hootsuite, which updates both account statuses simultaneously ... from my phone. As many know, I gave up most of the social network sites for a couple of months. Now I'm back and find it just as ridiculously addicting as before. The very reason I deleted my profiles in the first place. [shaking my head]

It's fun interacting with all sorts of different people, but really what exactly is the reason behind the addiction? This compulsion to throw random bits of my life out into the abyss and have people respond ... or not?

How on earth did we survive without being "ON" 24/7? I don't know about you, but it wears me out.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The End ... times three

YES!! I'm so thrilled to say that I have completed my third book! "The Letter" is the first in a series called Bedtime Stories: Erotic Retellings of Classic Rhymes. Of course there's still edits/revisions, but it's complete. Hoping to have this one out there early in the new year.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Every breath I take

When I first saw this photo it was like I could hear his breaths inside my head. Beautiful.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ass kicking

Unless you're part of a writing team, putting words to paper is, for the most part, a solitary endeavor and sometimes one that just ain't workin'. The Muse left the building. The train of thought derailed into the Nothing. Characters stand around in the corners of your mind shuffling their feet, flipping you the bird, and calling you a fucking loser. [nodding] Yep, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

It's times like these that I rely on my comrades in ink. Sometimes it's enough just to wander to their blogs, see what's going on. Other times a more immediate response is needed, so a WiD (Writer in Distress) text, email, or phone call goes out. Two of my regular Keepers of the Sanity Keys are Jasmine Haynes and VJ Summers. I admit wholeheartedly that they have dragged me from the very edge on many occasions. It was not a pretty sight. Thank you so much! *mwah* I never underestimate the importance of a venting session.

There are times though when venting just isn't going to do it. Nope, some days call for more drastic measures to be taken. Those times call for a good old-fashioned, honest to god ass-whooping. Now I'm not talking about a little slap on the hand or even a firm twisting of the ear to drag your wayward characters back into the thick of things. No, no, no, my friend. I'm talking about throwing them out through the double-pane window into the backyard and kicking the living hell out of the them. I'll admit, these are probably not scenes that will ever cross an editor's desktop. That's okay. Sometimes just having a few characters bloodied and beaten for a page is all it takes to carry on. 

[looking around]

You seen my baseball bat?

(And for the record, a search of "sexy baseball guy" garners an incredibly fucked up collection of photos that I'll probably never be able to bleach from my brain. And "bloody baseball bat" offered up just as many, though they were disturbing for reasons that should have kept me from doing the damn search in the first place.)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Missed a spot

There's an earthy sexiness to working up a down and dirty sweat, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting everything all squeaky clean sometimes, too.

Soap slicked hands. Steamy heated flesh. *mmm-hmmm* I'm not going to say that showering with a lover helps to conserve water, but clean up sure doesn't get much easier.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Come ...

"Come for me ... now!"

There's something incredibly erotic about trusting your pleasure to someone else's control.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

In the works

Yes, it's been a while.

After an interesting year of wild leaps and new adventures -- not the least of which was starting a company with my hubby, working hard and seeing it grow, I am happy to whisper (for fear of scaring off the somewhat timid of late Muse) that there are several projects in the final stages that will (hopefully) be completed soon.

Of course, there's Tattered Hearts, Book 2 in the Vintage Love series. Here we find Eric and Stella figuring out that to heal the adult pain they experienced while young lovers, they're going to have to meet it head on as adults. Together. The other VL stories are in progress, as well ... meaning they each have a OneNote tab designated for them and details are entered there regularly. The VL series will go like this: #1 Hearts A Plenty (currently available through my website), #2 Tattered Hearts, #3 Salvage My Heart (feat. Frank & Lydia), and #4 Reclaim Her Heart (feat. Charlie, Gabe, and Quinn).

I'm also working on a collection of short stories called Bedtime Stories: Erotic Retellings of Classic Rhymes. I'm hoping for at least two volumes, each including 3-5 stories.


While things are still quite chaotic, I am SO happy to be back at the keyboard doing what I love.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday "Fun" Photos ... debut

Since FB gave me a slap on the ass for disobeying, I will share the delicious photos here instead ... beginning with the one that got yanked which I captioned: "Taxi!!"

What could possibly be wrong with this photo? Honestly, it makes me want to hop in the backseat of a car right now.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Toy boxes for big girls

When we were kids, we were taught to play nice with our toys and take care of them. Only then would they give us endless pleasure. [Or something along those lines, but I'm getting ahead of myself.] Okay, so maybe the Holly Hobbie playhouse and Spirograph didn't get the respect due them, but the lesson still holds true.

Do you have a "toy box" for all your adult toys? A bag, drawer, or chest filled with a variety of sexy products designed specifically to enhance yours and your lover's pleasure? What kinds of things does it contain? Here are just a few of the basics that no toy box should be without.

  • Quality vibrator.
Not necessarily a vibrating dildo, but something that can be settled against your clit during intercourse. Let's be honest, even the most enthusiastic lover's fingers can get tired. And oral -- while absolutely wonderful -- isn't possible during intercourse ... unless, of course, you're in the enviable position of being part of a threesome. But then that's a topic for another blog entirely. *grin*
  • Dildos
Yes, that's plural. You need more than one. Why? you ask. Because you do. Variety is the spice of life ... and sex.
  • Lubricants
Skin to skin (or condom) friction is definitely a mood killer. There's no reason to be frustrated, when the solution is such a simple fix. JO Brand is a personal favorite, but whatever you choose, I recommend having two types readily available.

Silicone-based lubricants are a great all-purpose lube, whether easing the way for vaginal sex or letting your fingers do the walking and giving him a hand job that will short circuit his brain. (The JO Brand also is fragrance-free and relatively taste-free, in case you're interested in giving more than a handjob. *wink* )

Water-based lubes are for use with silicone toys. (Silicone-based lubricants tend to break down the material of silicone toys. This can get expensive, because toys aren't cheap. S+S=Super Sad.) Thicker water-based lubricants are also great when engaging in any type of anal play, as they tend to stay in place longer for the typically slower pace of this activity.

Try different brands, types, flavors ... the list is endless. Lubricant can make or break a mind-numbing sexual experience. Experiment and find the ones that work best for you and your partner.
  • Other invaluable tools
First, an open mind ... there's absolutely nothing wrong with giving and receiving pleasure in all its various forms when the parties involved are willing. Another thing is your voice ... talk to your lover while having sex. It may surprise you how much this turns both of you on. And lastly, a sense of adventure ... above all else, sex should be fun!

Remember to clean your toys after each use and store them properly for the next time. Keep your toy box neat and handy for that next "play date" with your lover, or even on your own. There's nothing wrong with "playing quietly by [with] yourself."

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Something different

I'm not really a very adventurous cook, tending to stick with the old standbys. I realized this morning that I had kidney beans in my pantry, though I'm not really sure why. The only reason I can think of is that they were purchased when I was trying to figure out a way to add more legumes to our diet. Though considering they've been in there a year tells you how well that went.

Anyway, today I decided to try my hand at some homemade chili. Sunday afternoon football game and chili ... perfect combination. Since I've never made chili before, I didn't have a recipe and the internet offered over 5 million when I searched ... and quite honestly, I just don't have time to browse through that many recipes.

The back of the Bush's kidney beans offered a simple recipe with minimal ingredients. It was easy to make and absolutely delicious. Too bad my Lions lost. Oh well ... 5-1 is still damn fine. Maybe they needed some of my chili.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Digging through the dregs

I love garage sales. Hell, I love picking through other people's stuff regardless of the venue ... garage sales, auctions, vintage shops, old barns, resale stores. Even annual "junk" days -- when residents are allowed to throw away all sorts of paraphernalia ... and do they ever!

So Hoagie (the hubby) and I had already hit several garage sales and even bought a few things that we don't really need ... more books and a pair of walking stilts. [grin]

We were wandering around what we had determined to be our last sale of the day and not finding anything that we simply couldn't live without. How many board games and Santa Claus figures does one family need, right?

On the way out, I noticed several pairs of shoes and boots. I'm always on the look out for gently used leather boots and through the years I've found a few pair that made it worth my time.

The garage sale host had placed a chair nearby to encourage trying on, so that's what I did. These were perfect!

Later, my friend and I were sharing our recent finds with each other, when she says: Those are Frye boots. I replied that I had noticed that, but being the polar opposite of a fashionista, I really had no clue what that meant.

So I went in and Googled my new-to-me Frye Adrienne Button Boots and damn near fell out of my chair.

It seems these are not so easy to actually find. My eBay search garnered none and all the Web sites the search brought up, this style was sold out. What I did discover though was a fairly consistent price of $398.

Well, god damn. [grin] Not bad, considering what I paid ...

Ten bucks.

I think that calls for zipping up my new boots and doing some happy dancing!

Have you ever found something extraordinary among others cast-offs?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hello Autumn!!

Fall has arrived here in the Mitten! This typically means cooler temps, crackling leaves, and the count down to my two favorite holidays ... Hallowe'en and Thanksgiving!

Five things I love about Fall (in no particular order):
  • Orange (What's not to love about this color? It always makes me smile.)
  • Kicking through the fallen leaves as I walk through my little neighborhood and town, and hearing them crunch and scatter.
  • Delicious comfort foods like pumpkin and apple pies, breads, and caramel apples.
  • Classic "scary" movies at our local vintage movie theatre. (Can hardly wait to see The Ghost and Mr. Chicken!)
  • Football (Who can resist the boys of fall? Especially when they look like this. Mmm-hmmm.)

Friday, September 16, 2011

A little something to nibble on ...

I don't know about you, but I sure am hungry! Here's to a weekend full of teasing ... and tasting. mmm ... delicious!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten years

There are many people with more eloquent words, but one thing is certain ... September 11, 2001 shook our country to its very core.

America. The land that I love. Heal our broken hearts. Restore our strength and hope.

Bless our troops and bring them home soon. Bless our President. Bless our nation.

Let this Patriot's Day be one of peaceful remembrance and healing.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Short circuiting

I got my first home computer way back in 1989. It was a Tandy from Radio Shack (not the one pictured here, but close) and I thought it was one of the most amazing things I'd ever owned in my life. I did all the tutorials that came with it ... and there were a lot of them. There was also a program that allowed me to connect to something called the Internet, whatever THAT meant. But it also allowed me to set up an electronic mail account, which enabled me to talk almost immediately to others who had these electronic mail accounts, too. No more waiting days or weeks to hear from friends. How completely cool was that?!

It seems like it wasn't long though and an upgrade was needed. This time I went to a computer store where they made the machine to my specifications. And so began the regular upgrades. I think we've gone through probably a dozen or more computers during the last 20+ years. Even had an iMac in there, which I loved, but the rest have been PCs.

Then came the cell phones. My dad had a mobile phone when I was probably an early teenager and, honest to god, that thing was like the phone Radar used on the TV series M*A*S*H. It was huge! One of my first cell phones was the Motorola i50sx with the Nextel direct connect. How totally awesome! I could talk to anyone at any time. I could even talk while I was driving down the road or in the store.

Of course as I write this on my laptop on the front porch with my wi-fi, snagging photos from the gazillion available by just typing a few words in a Google search, I gotta say all this convenience comes at a price. Not just the money either.

Don't get me wrong, I lovelovelove all the techy stuff. Hell, I'm an e-published author and proud of it. Those books were written on the virtual page and submitted via e-mail. I enjoy my Pandigital Novel e-reader and my Blackberry Tour. I have thousands of photos in Picasa 3, as well as backed up on a 1 TB external harddrive, that chronicle the lives of my family, especially my kids and grandkids. (Does anyone actually print photos anymore?)

There's TVs, iPods, DVD players, video game systems, and toys that just seem to make noise because everything has to make noise anymore. (I had a flash of the Grinch as I typed that:  That's one thing I hate! All the noise, noise, noise, noise!) I don't hate noise per se, what I'm getting sick of is the constant connection with everyone and everything. Like the Blackberry. That little device is almost never more than arm's length from me.

And because it's a smartphone that means the internet and all the distractions that come with it are always right there, too. Myspace. LinkedIn. Facebook. Blogs. E-mails. Goodreads. Twitter. And the lists go on and on and on. It's too much. Not only do you have to keep up on your own pages and profiles, it's just common courtesy to keep up with everyone else's as well. [shaking my head] I've decided I'm not doing it anymore.

There are some things that are simply required when maintaining a professional persona in today's market. For me, this is "Rosemary Gunn," my pen name. Having a Web site, blog, and e-mail are the minimum requirements nowadays. Myspace and LinkedIn got the ax quite a while ago. Up until a few weeks ago though, I had a personal Facebook profile, as well as an author profile. Then I deactivated the author profile and created an actual page. Then I just got fed up with the whole lot of Facebook madness and permanently deleted everything. Good riddance.

Then I got to thinking:  What if I fall off the grid? If I'm not "out there" networking socially with hundreds of people that I've never met and probably never will, what will become of me? When I mulled this tenative question around in the quiet of my mind, the answer that came back to me was this:  I will be right where I've always been. The words that flow from my mind to the keyboard to the page will continue to come whether I'm on Facecrack or tweeting at the top of my lungs. But I also discovered that they flow much easier when my brain isn't scattered in five, ten, and fifteen different directions trying to keep up with all the virtual Joneses out there. I simply can't do it. There are some very, very talented artists out there who seem to keep all these plates spinning effortlessly, while also cranking out book after book. That's awesome. Y'all inspired me to try to do it all.

But now it's back to my quiet, moderately plugged in existence. I like it here. I enjoy texting one on one, but I'm also getting reacquainted with the random telephone call to someone I haven't spoken with in a while -- using the land line rather than my cell, because the reception is just way better quality.

I love that all these different sites and apps are available ... so much that it feels like nothing gets done unless there's some form of post or status update. Life in 140 character bites or less is starting to short circuit my brain. They've been a lot of fun to play with over the years and, like I said, for a lot of people they can still manage to find the balance with their writing and other parts of life while maintaining all these online profiles.

I confess this is not the case for me. Lack of focus and attention span has gotten the best of me, so I bid farewell to the Facebook and Twitter. I deleted five e-mail accounts and a Myspace account that I forgot I even had. I also deleted literally YEARS of e-mails sitting in my All Mail boxes ... well over 10,000 in all. Why on earth was I saving these? It felt like a house was lifted off my shoulders.

Of course, I still have several e-mail accounts that must be maintained, but the number has literally been cut in half. Plus, there's texting. Not nearly as personal as a phone call, but it's one on one. It's time for me to find the balance again. That laid back comfort zone where my mind can settle and find the quiet.

For me that's writing my books, maintaining a nice Web site, and updating my blog regularly. (And I enjoy the Goodreads profile, too.) That works best for me. Hope you stop by often and visit.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The trip of firsts

Last month I took a trip ... one that I lovingly referred to as my Trip of Firsts. It was to a little town in California to meet my wonderful friend, Jennifer, in person for the very first time. But what other firsts would happen during this trip?

Well, for one thing, I'd never gone anywhere (on my four previous non-stop flights and one helicopter ride) that required a connecting flight. So this trip doubled my times on a jet. Flying out, I connected in Dallas/Fort Worth. [shrug] Yes, I only saw the inside of the terminal briefly, but I'd never been to Texas ... and now I have. (Same goes for the return trip ... landed in Chicago. ) From Dallas, I flew into San Jose, California. During this flight I may have actually seen a portion of the Grand Canyon. I'm not really sure, but it was a HUGE hole (crack? opening? whatever it was, it was big!) way down there and I was impressed regardless.

Jennifer and I have been corresponding via email, snail mail, and phone for nearly four years, but of course, I'd never actually seen her in person. As I exited the terminals in San Jose, I knew her. I started waving at her and her hubby, Ole, as soon as I saw them. We smiled and made our way to each other, and then I hugged my friend for the very first time. (We've shared many, many virtual hugs [aka *hugs*] and those are wonderful if that's all you can give at that time, but the memory of the real hugs shared during that week make my heart truly smile.) I felt welcomed from the very first moment.

The Santa Cruz Boardwalk was a lovely and enchanted place to visit! There were all sorts of rides and games and people! Jennifer and I had our photo taken in one of those little booths! Loved it. The sea lions by the wharf were loud and lazy. There were wonderful thrift shops filled with all sorts of things. I simply loved it. I don't recall ever having been beneath a wharf, so I will say that was another first. And up until that very day, I know my feet had never touched the waters of the Pacific. Another first.

We spent a beautiful day with Jennifer's mom and took in the sites of Carmel and Point Lobos. Amazing! But my favorite part of that day was simply listening to the lovely cadence of "Mom" as she spoke with her soft, elegant British accent. I told her I could just listen to her talk all day long.

Another day, we walked the streets of San Francisco and ate lunch at a retro-type diner called Lori's. Delicious food and just a fun atmosphere to eat it in, too. Then we wandered around The City, up and down the hills for which the city is famous. We even rode the Bay Area Rapid Transit (aka BART) ... another first.

And just in case San Francisco didn't do in my leg muscles, the next day we walked through the enormous redwood trees of the Henry Cowell State Park! Oh. My. GOD! It was another incredible day! We walked the steep hills to reach the outlook, then ate the lunch Jennifer carried on her back for us. LOL! Those simple sandwiches tasted like 5-star restaurant cuisine after that workout. But we did it!  

There were so many things that I loved about this trip that it's very difficult to narrow them down to several paragraphs. The long talks with my beautiful friend. Laughing. Being silly together. Taking walks. Having the cat, CT (aka Crooked Tail), find a comfortable spot on my stomach during the nightly movie. Talking. Talking. Talking.

Many wonderful memories were made that week. I thank Jennifer and Ole for welcoming me into their home and for making it an unforgettable trip of firsts. [sigh] I wanna go back.

<<<  I know this one cuts out part of my face (y'all know what my smiling mouth looks like anyway!), but I simply love the expressions on Jennifer and Ole's faces ... so I'm including it. Miss you both!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Today I met with a wonderful writer friend ... VJ Summers. VJ writes incredible solo works, and also writes with talented Sierra Summers under the name Violet Summers. We are part of a group of writers that tries to get together once a month, but I've missed several months and just plain missed them. VJ and I met for lunch and spent a couple of hours chatting about life, what we're working on, and just catching up.

There are many [many] different directions that my life is being pulled at this precise moment, but being with VJ reminded me of the void in my life that only words can fill. For those who are anticipating the next books in the Vintage Love series, rest assured that they will be coming.

Thanks VJ for the pleasure of your company today, sweetie. I love you.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's all green anyway

If you've ever wandered through my home, you will not be surprised by this statement: I love the color green. When my husband and I married a million years ago, I had no idea what colors would suit my personality and consequently painted -- and repainted -- all the rooms in our tiny home. It took me quite a while to finally discover the colors that made my mind settle and my heart smile.

At less than one thousand square feet, our home is small, and creating a flow throughout was important to me. (After years of having every room a different color with different carpeting.) From the moment you step through the front door and onto the enclosed porch, the color scheme is the same throughout most of the house. A light green-yellow satin called caneware covers the walls of the porch, living room, kitchen, and dining room. The window/door trim in all those rooms except the porch are painted with a gloss called winter surf.

Through the years, I've also used these colors to paint accent pieces that have been collected or reclaimed. Perfect case in point is the Hoosier cabinet that belonged to my great-grandmother. Rather than going the restoration route, I decided to simply have fun with this lovely old piece.

Then there's the eight-piece, one of a kind dinette set created from a salvaged table top, various chairs, an old dresser, and the legs off a bumper pool table.

There are many, many fun elements that have helped to create the comfortable, relaxing atmosphere of our home. For one thing, there's a lot of light. There are also sayings and quotes written directly on the walls, door and window frames, as well as on the dining room set. There's an airplane hanging from the ceiling in the living room, as well as art work from both of our kids -- matted, framed, and hung with pride. There's ceramic tile that my husband and I cut and laid with our own hands and hard work, and nostalgic memorabilia from our family history takes up large amounts of wall space.

And of course there's The Tree. The Tree will greet you when you enter our home as we do -- at the back. If you walk up the back stairs and into the dining room, you walk beneath the canopy that extends to the middle of the room. The Tree where our initials are "carved."

Not only does the color green saturate our home, but it has also managed to bleed over into my personal items. When my husband and I were invited to a Mad Men-themed party several weeks ago, I'm not surprised that it was a lovely olive green dress that truly got me in the mood for an incredible night of laughter and fun! I got to be elegant and sexy on the arm of my own Mad Man!

Yes, green is gorgeous! You will find it throughout my home and throughout my life.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The simply delectable penis

[laughing out loud] Now that I have your attention ...

No, this isn't an instruction guide for performing fellatio, though that sounds like a fun idea, too. Maybe a future blog topic. Instead this will be my little adventure in the art of baking a penis cupcake ... or as they became known at the Pure Romance party the other night: cockcakes!

It goes without saying that these parties are just plain naughty fun! Even if you don't buy anything, they are a feast for the senses. Just as a wandering stroll through the local Lover's Lane is. My hubby and I are frequent flyers at ours. [wink]

Which is where I purchased the penis-shaped cake pans. Figured two 6-packs would do the trick and that was perfect.

Hmmm, what flavor cake to use? I went with the Betty Crocker Supermoist Carrot Cake mix ... seemed appropriate for this project, as did the Betty Crocker Home-Style Cream Cheese frosting. [eyebrows waggling]

I found that by alternating the positions of the penis pans I could fit all twelve onto the cookie sheet.

Filling the pans with the cake mix was basically a guessing game and I must say that a little goes a long way. The batter did seem to have tendency to rush toward the tip end! Made me wonder if this was a case of art imitating life?

They baked well within the recommended time suggested for cupcakes, which was 17-22 minutes. I started poking at the little peckers with a toothpick at about 19 minutes though, just because it was fun. [grin]

The foil pan (liberally lubed up with Pam cooking spray) made ejaculating -- er, ejecting them from the pans quite easy. They just kind of fell out when they were done.

The whole gang hung out for a while.
Mmmmm ... the guys looking downright delicious in their finest!  

Simply open wide and savor every mouthwatering inch -- er, bite! This is EXACTLY how to eat a penis!!

Have you ever had an occasion that called for some naughty baking?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Right now

These days you may find me:
  • Enjoying the beautiful spring weather on our front porch
  • Reading a sexy novel
  • Learning things about semi-trucks I never imagined there would be a need to know
  • Preparing for a trip to meet one of my best friends for the very first time. [happy dance]
  • Eating way too many Better Made potato chips. [grin]

Friday, April 1, 2011

Little stuff

So much is happening, some days it feels like Life is a runaway train. There are many changes taking place right now and I'm breathless as I race along just trying to keep up, catching a few of the gold coins as they're tossed in the air. Since I'm not the most prolific blogger, this is my attempt to schedule something that isn't purely for the fluff factor. [grin] Though there will still be plenty of those. [waggling eyebrows]

There are many aspects of my RL that haven't been touched upon in my blogs, but here are a few things you may not know about me:
  • I survived Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
  • My brain will nearly cease to function while I'm in the presence of a spider.
  • I have two incredible kids ... a daughter and a son who never cease to amaze the hell out of me.
  • I tend to talk ... a lot.
  • I absolutely LOVE to laugh.

Monday, March 7, 2011

What are you reading?

It's been a while since I've done this little game. Photobucket
  • Grab the book nearest you -- yes, right now
  • Turn to page 55 -- find the fifth sentence
  • Post that sentence as a comment below
Don't dig for your favorite book, the coolest, or the most intellectual. Use the CLOSEST book.

This blog is for "big kids" [wicked grin] -- so don't be shy or embarrassed at what you may have to post. I know I'll be looking forward to reading each and every line!

Be sure to include your email along with your sentence and I'll be giving away some author swag.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Silver-y kind of day

Today my hubby and I celebrate twenty-five years of marriage. We had three years of commitment prior to the actual vows ... and a lifetime of friendship before that. When people ask how long we've been together, our standard answer is ... forever.

I can't imagine anyone else I would rather spend my life with, who cherishes and protects our love like him, or makes me laugh the way he does.

Together we created a little home and two incredible humans. I'm excited to see what we can create in the next 25 years as we head for the gold.

To the keeper of my heart ... I love you, baby.

Living. Loving. Laughing.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A day for loving

Happy Valentine's Day!! Make every second count.

Do you have any special plans on this day for lovers?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Create a little heat

PhotobucketWe may be on the down slope of January, but it's still brutally cold here in the midwest. This looks like the perfect way to generate some heat on this lazy Saturday. [grin] Have fun!