Monday, November 22, 2010

Hot and sweaty ...

I'm not sure where you live, but here in Michigan it's a cold, windy, and generally dreary time of the year. It seems like the perfect time to heat things up with a little flash fiction from last summer.

Make me sweat. When this theme came up for the Flash one Sunday, Callie and Matt jumped right into my farmer's daughter brain. It's a short little flash, but a fun scene anyway.

And the photo makes me feel all warm and cozy. [wink]

Callie took a long pull from the water jug before wiping the sweat dripping down her face, the bandana covering her red curls having reached saturation point. She listened to the steady rhythm of the hay elevator carrying the straw bales up to the loft where she had been working for the better part of two hours. She’d shed the long-sleeved work shirt in the first hour and the tank shirt she wore clung to every inch of skin it covered. Dust hung heavy in the air, sticking to the bare skin of her arms and face, clouding her eyes.

Matt scaled the side of the hay wagon, hanging onto the top rail and kicking down the bales so he could throw them onto the elevator. Shirtless, the sun beat down on his back, the waistband of his jeans dark and low-slung as it absorbed the sweat rolling down his chest and back. Swiping the equally soaked Stetson from his dark head, he wiped his forearm across his face.

He glanced up at the window as he jammed the hat back on. As hot as he was in the sun, the barn would be stifling for Callie. As if his thoughts conjured her, Callie appeared at the opening, her arms raised to peel the sticking strands of her hair and braid off her back and neck. Dark nipples beaded and clearly visible against the thin cotton clinging to her like a second skin.

“Shit…” he muttered, his mouth watering as his cock stirred with an agenda of its own.