Friday, December 21, 2012

Welcome Winter!

Yule. Winter Solstice. First Day of Winter. Shortest Day of the Year. Longest Night.

You can almost feel Nature taking that deep breath in ... pausing.

This is typically what I do during this time on the Wheel. Take that deep breath in, way in ... all the way to my pelvis ... release slowly, then hit pause. Repeat several times. Reflect on all that has happened during the past year. There's been great joy ... as well as heartrending grief. Extreme bliss ... and terrible loss. Yin and yang. Ebb and flow. I close my eyes and let the memories wash over my mind ... savoring wonderful moments ... and releasing the rest.

Winter may indeed be a time of quiet stillness, but it's also time for planning. The earth is barren and may even appear lifeless, but that's only on the surface. Nature is never completely idle. We could benefit from Her example. By all means, rest and regroup ... but also be planning for spring.

The darkness won't last. Already the days lengthen ... stretching toward the promise of spring.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Getting it right!

I've spent years trying to figure out where I'm supposed to be, what I'm supposed to be doing ... you know ... desperately seeking a true authentic self.

This would be an awesome blog post if I could shout "Eureka!" with conviction and share all the wonders of my discovery. Alas, that isn't exactly the case ... but I may be getting closer. *shrug* And really, isn't forward momentum an important element in finding our true self? I choose to believe so.

In addition to engaging in fun, intelligent conversations and surrounding myself with words and music and people who genuinely care for me, I've been eating well and walking daily.

There's also an unwanted squatter that I've been trying to evict ... my inner masochist. Maybe you have one of these in you as well. That rotten little voice that seems stuck on Repeat as it recalls all that you've done wrong, said wrong, thought of doing wrong, or actually did right, but perceived as being wrong, ad nauseum ... you know what I'm talking about. What a vile entity THAT is! No one -- and I literally mean not one person living or dead -- can beat me up like I can. *shaking my head* It is not a pretty trait ... and not one good thing will ever come of it.

Several months ago I managed to somehow fall into a website that has helped bring things into a more positive perspective and quite often has provided a bit of validation for the things I've been "getting right" all along!

So a shout-out to the creators and contributors at MindBodyGreen! What an inspiring website!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thirteen things I'm grateful for ...
  1. Good health
  2. An eccentric family that drives me crazy, but who are all decent humans I'm proud to call mine
  3. Friends who are always in my corner fighting for me, even when I feel like throwing in the towel
  4. Our growing business
  5. Healthy food in my pantry and refrigerator
  6. Fingerless gloves
  7. A creative mind
  8. Clean water
  9. Technology (specifically IT) -- for better or worse, it has changed the way I live
  10. To have been born in the United States
  11. Daily walks that keep me sane
  12. Words
  13. Laughter

Monday, November 19, 2012


Fun photo shoot.
(Paying homage to one of my favorite songs and videos.)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


With Halloween just a week away, it seems like an appropriate time to mention masks. There are all sorts. Mardi Gras masks. The silly plastic Halloween masks of my childhood.

And the grease-paint masks of clowns. So often, clowns are shown in such an unfavorable light that the vast majority of people find them terrifying ... myself included.

Most of the time.

The ones that always tug at my heart though are the truly sad ones with their painted on smiles.

By the way, if you follow me on Facebook, I'm taking a break from that social networking site for a while as I concentrate on finishing up some works in progress. So if you send a request or such, please be patient.

I'll be back though.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


My yahoo account got hacked and appears to have sent out bizarre emails. I apologize if you received anything strange from me via email. =( Technology can be a pain in the ass sometimes. Passwords have been changed, etc. Again ... apologies.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Right now

Haven't done this in a while. Five things I'm into right now:
  1. Hula-Hooping (What's not to love, right?)
  2. Twisted By Love by Jasmine Haynes (Fascinated by reincarnation)
  3. Kenny Chesney's Come Over (Well ... it's KChez without a hat ... and a sexy chick without much of anything)
  4. Sudoku (for pre-beginners!)
  5. Non-scary Halloween movies ('cause I'm a wimp)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Out with pretty ...

And in with practical.

Yep, when the temperatures fall to the low 30s, it's time to say bye-bye to the cute summer feet and pull on the warm woolies.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Good Evening!

Welcome to Autumn! I can hardly believe we're already a week into this gorgeous season with the added bonus of being the host of my two favorite holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving. I've heard Autumn referred to as the evening portion of the Wheel of the Year. I love that! Evenings to me are about settling down, reflecting on the day, then letting go.

There are also the fun things that come along with the cooler temperatures ... like football (I even updated my profile photo to illustrate where my loyalties lie ... *shaking my head* Can't help who ya love, right?), bonfires, sweaters, and cider mills ... maybe even a hayride. (<< The link will take you to a little partial flash from a while ago. Sexy fun with Kit and Ethan! **I'm noticing several photos from my blogs are simply not showing up anymore, so I apologize for the missing eye candy.)

A couple of things are currently in the works -- I know they've been "in the works" for oh-so-long, and I thank you for your patience as my life jerks the reins from my hands and runs wild! I've been doing the read-through/revision/expansion for the re-issue of Hearts A Plenty and am really [really!] anticipating it going live again in late fall! YAY!!! Followed in the spring with the release of Tattered Hearts.

I had no idea just how dear to my heart this series would become. When the idea for Vintage Love first came to me, it was fairly straightforward ... small town, sexy people, lots of secrets. Originally it had been planned as a trilogy to begin with Frank Britton and Lydia Sharp (Salvage My Heart, now VL #3), followed by an as-of-then list of characters I wasn't really sure of. Then the Thanksgiving challenge was issued and I decided to have Hearts A Plenty begin the series with a steamy m/f/m introducing Claire Mason, Jared Young, and Mark Pierce. That would be followed by Stella James and Eric Mason in Tattered Hearts, then Frank and Lydia's story, before finally winding up the series with Reclaim Her Heart, a m/f/m f/m/m featuring Charlotte Britton, Gabriel Mason, and Quinn Parker. Yes, the small midwest town of Awry has burrowed deeply into my heart. Looking forward to sharing it with you!

Also on the drawing board are several Bedtime Stories featuring Bicycle Built For Two, and Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, as well as "loading the toad" for Three Men in a Tub and Waltzing Matilda.

And on that note ... I wish you a wonderful evening!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Delicious ...

Those who know me well, know that my favorite color is green ... though there is one exception that most probably wouldn't suspect. Panties! Slipping into a pair of fun, sexy pink skivvies never fails to make me smile ... or slipping out of them if need be.

I also love testing the resilience of muscle with my teeth. The hard curve of a bicep or pectoral ... or hip flexor ... mmm. (Zero calories too!)
What are some of your naughty pleasures? A sexy lotion or perfume? A piercing/tattoo no one would suspect? A handwritten note from your lover?
Come on ... don't be shy.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Some days you just need a nice quickie in the afternoon ... but the world (or your household) seems to be conspiring against any such fun. *sigh*

Hope your own "Hump Day" was a satisfying one.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just DO IT already!

If we're lucky, we know just how wonderful it is to have an orgasm on a regular basis. When people tell me they haven't had sex in weeks, months ... or YEARS even, I am sad for them. I love sex! It's not just about inserting Tab A into Slot B though. It needs to be fun ... and most importantly, it needs to end in a climax.

As if a toe-curling, mind-numbing orgasm in and of itself isn't reason enough to engage in sex with a partner or have your own party for one on a daily or every other day schedule, here are a few more reasons to start penciling in some quality bedroom time.

  • Kick insomnia to the curb ... naturally. (Tossing and turning in the wee hours? Grab your partner ... or let your own fingers do the walking. Nothing settles a restless mind like an orgasm.)
  • Reduce the risk of prostate cancer. (Okay, I couldn't find any hard data *tongue in cheek* to support this claim, but there were several websites that swore that a high ejaculation frequency decreased the risk of this type of cancer. *shrug* I say it's worth a shot!)
  • Reduce stress. (Sexual arousal tenses muscles, but orgasm causes complete relaxation.)
  • Get some more cardio into your day. (The heart rate during climax increases to that of a vigorous workout. Sure beats 15 minutes on the treadmill!)
  • Boost your immune system. (Having an orgasm 1-2 times a week has been shown to increase antibodies by 30 percent, though supposedly more than that will cause you to lose the antibody benefits. Since one or two are not nearly enough, I'll continue with the multi-vitamin and take my chances. *grin*)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Yes, today is my birthday! To celebrate, for the next week, I have made The Letter available for FREE! on Smashwords! Thank you all for being wonderful!! *mwah* rg

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Veggies ... with a side of veggies, please

If you follow me on Facebook, you have heard me talking about a pretty significant lifestyle change that occurred just about three months ago. My husband and I switched to something called a "plant-based diet," which for all intents and purpose was Vegan. And we switched over completely from one day to the next. We eliminated meat, dairy, and eggs. If it had a face or a mom, it was out.

For I'd say a solid two months, that's how it went too, with a couple areas that I would let something slip in. I'd have a piece of cheesecake or a couple of Girl Scout cookies.

I cooked some amazing food too. There are a lot of really helpful websites with easy to follow recipes:,, and of course the website based on the documentary that got us going down this road, Some I followed precisely, others I added a little of my own flare to; but either way we've eaten some delicious meals. Still learning new tips and tricks to make things easier and faster.

Then it reached a point where I was simply tired of cooking every single night. I've had a lifetime of either throwing the packaging away after the meal or just leaving the restaurant. Not that I haven't cooked throughout the years -- of course I have. It's been comfort foods that I could make with my eyes closed though. These meals I'm creating now consist of ingredients I'd never even tasted, much less actually cooked with. "Smart Ground" and Tofu. Silk brand dairy products. Tofutti. Yep, all new.

And there were other things that tripped me up at first. Like wanting to bake a dessert or something and not having a specific ingredient ... like an egg replacer. Or something like powdered maple syrup, which I never actually found. I just used brown sugar. [shrug]

This brings me to another point ... sticker shock at the grocery store. O.o At least initially. It was also a little discouraging to spend a hundred bucks at Kroger and have nothing at the end saying "You saved [this much] on your order!" Over these months, I've become more familiar with what's available and what works for us as far as taste, cost, and life of opened products, so we're wasting much less in terms of leftovers and such. Thankfully. No one wants to throw out food ... especially when it costs so much these days.

In the first several weeks, hubby and I each lost about ten pounds. I went on to lose about three more and Rog lost another 8-10. He's staying pretty consistently around that weight, but I have gone back to about ten overall pounds lost.

During the last month, I've really struggled with having no dairy. There are some things that just taste better with cheese: nachos, pizza, and lasagna. I realize that cheese is high in cholesterol and that's one reason I have tried to stay firm against eating it ... at least too much. I have not been doing too well the last month though. Plus it's ice cream season. But ice cream, like cheese, tends to have too much cholesterol, as well. And my cholesterol and our hearts are what sent us on this path in the first place.

One thing I don't miss. Meat. It's not that I don't love meat. I do. Or at least I did. I'm realizing though that meat is in a lot of stuff. Another thing I'm steering clear of is most processed stuff. WAY high in sodium and/or cholesterol. Even stuff in the organic and healthy areas of grocery stores.

For the most part, I'm happy with this new way of eating. I feel that I'm helping to undo decades of eating a diet filled with all the crap that everyone else was eating too. All we have to do is look around to see we've been doing something very wrong for many, many years.

I need to reevaluate where I'm at with this though. The changes I've made are good ones, without a doubt. It needs to become more streamlined and less work. Eating shouldn't consume huge portions of the day. I'm working on that.

So how do I refer to our way of eating? I guess I'd call it flexitarian ... but mainly because of the dairy products that tend to meander in more often than I want to admit. I'm still off the meat and eggs and completely fine with that. What I mean by being off the eggs is that I haven't actually eaten an egg -- like fried or hard-cooked, or in anything that I've cooked from scratch. I have eaten things that contain egg, though it's rare. A cookie or piece of cake, something like that.

I'll admit that since slacking on the dairy restrictions, my tummy doesn't feel as lean as it did in the first couple of months. Just bloated feeling and uncomfortable. Makes be wonder if it's really worth the short term deliciousness of the lasagna. Probably not. Need to dig back in to the recipes and get back on board. I loved the way my body felt during those first weeks. Healthier. Happier.

Next up ... a soft yoga program to go along with my daily walks and fifteen pushups. I feel that I've lost strength or muscle and I'm not sure why, but I want to regain it.

Then it's time to get my cholesterol rechecked. I figure it has to have improved since the numbers two years ago.

It's good though. There have been some slip ups, but this is life. All the changes that I've made have got to more than make up for any small sampling of the foods that brought comfort the majority of my life. Now please pass the veggies.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Been Here Before ...

Three Word Thursday.

Leave a three word comment here (as well as your email address) and receive a copy of my e-book, The Letter!

Friday, May 11, 2012


There's something inherently captivating about catching a glimpse of sexy in an unguarded moment.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tattered Hearts teaser

Tattered Hearts is Book 2 of the Vintage Love series set in the quiet little town of Awry. In Book 1, Hearts A Plenty, we met Claire Mason, Jared Young, and Mark Pierce and followed their Thanksgiving celebration. We were also introduced to Stella James and Eric Mason, ex-lovers with a past that will not be content to stay buried. Both are hot-tempered and determined to be heard.
“She wants to leave, Eric,” Quinn said. The larger man crowded in on Eric and Stella’s heart fluttered. Eric seemed to expand inside his skin as he let her pass through the doorway. Quinn may be a gentle giant, but Eric knew the man would take him apart in seconds.

“She’s good at that.” Eric’s words cut, but she kept moving. He grabbed her upper arms and pinned her to the wall outside Quinn’s office. Quinn was right there, ready to take down the younger man, but Stella waved him off. Eric wouldn’t hurt her. Not physically. He shredded her in places no one else could see.

He stood directly in front of her and leaned down close to her face, holding her gaze. “Why are you doing this to me, Stella? Why did you come back at all?”

“I’m not doing anything to you. This isn’t about you. Awry is my home.” She swallowed, trying to ignore the heat rampaging through her at his touch. She would not be handled by him. She was no longer that girl.

“I would give anything to change the past,” Eric said. Pain radiated from those green Mason eyes, scraping her own wounds raw. “Why can’t you forgive me?”

“It’s not about forgiving. It’s about moving on,” Stella said.

“I dream of you.” His whispered words surprised her. Made her ache in places she’d thought long dead. Her spine stiffened and she straightened to her full height, plus three inches, forcing him to either straighten away from her or look up to meet her eyes.

“Yeah?” She pushed at his chest, but he didn’t budge, so she slid around him, spinning to see he’d turned to watch her. He leaned against the wall, sadness and anger sizzling in the air between them. “I dreamed of you, too. When I was delirious with the pain of life being torn from my body, I dreamed of you. I screamed for you.” Tears rolled down her hot cheeks, feeling like steam should be rising there. “Where were you?”

His face paled beneath the rough stubble on his cheeks and his hands clenched into fists at his sides.

“I don’t dream of you any more, Eric,” she lied to his stricken face. “I don’t think of you at all.” 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hand grip

I love a rough ride, but it's always good to have something warm and hard to hang on to.

Happy Friday!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

And it's LIVE!!

So I have entered a new level in the publishing realm ... Indie! Yep, as of about 30 minutes ago, my first self-published book is up. Let the party begin!

Check it out here:

Monday, April 9, 2012

Telling Bedtime Stories

So thrilled to reveal the cover art for The Letter, the first book in my new series, Bedtime Stories!

These short sexy romps started playing around in my mind after listening to hours and hours of nursery rhymes and children's songs. I started thinking things like "What were Jack and Jill really doing at the well?" and "Why is Mary so contrary?" and "What is going on with the three men in the tub?" [laughing out loud] And then the stories simply would not leave me alone and demanded they be told.

In The Letter we meet Emily, a young barista with secret yearnings for Stuart, the handsome owner of the local book store. A creative writing exercise called "A letter to my love" leads her to put her deepest desires to the page, but she drops it on the way home. As the Fates would have it, Stuart finds her letter and picks it up. And he has no problem helping Emily's fantasies become reality!

I'll let you know when and where you can buy this sexy tale as soon as it's available!

For now though, what was your favorite nursery rhyme and song as a child?

Friday, January 20, 2012


He breathed deeply, inhaling the scent of hot, aroused woman.

Soft pink breasts burgeoned above the rigid lines of the corset, each sharp gasp threatening the tenuous containment of the sweet, dark tips.

"Tighter, please ... Master."

His blood pounded, rushing to the center of his body, echoing in his ears.

Her last word a mere whisper. A sigh. Had he not been standing directly behind her, leaning close to pull the laces of the garment closed, he would have missed it.

Her submission.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First peek at "The Letter"

Bedtime Stories is a new series I've been working on. These tales are short erotic retellings of classic rhymes and songs. In The Letter, a smoldering passion bursts into flames after Stuart finds Emily's "letter to my love."
Stuart’s eyes met hers directly and the gleam Emily saw there made her breath catch in her lungs. She felt like the deer in the headlights, unable to move. Sexual energy vibrated between them, even as Stuart waited patiently as the customer reached for his wallet. The older gentleman took forever extracting a few bills from his wallet to pay for the books on the counter. Stuart held Emily's gaze, almost daring her to run. Or stay.

Emily looked away first, darting between the bookshelves, her heart in her throat. The bell chimed and before she could even try to figure what to say to him, Stuart was behind her. His arms bracketed her on either side and his warm mouth at her ear.

“Tsk, tsk, little Emily.” He bit the sensitive, nerve rich area below her ear before soothing with the velvet heat of his tongue. “Someone’s been keeping secrets.” He kissed her neck. “Dark naughty secrets that have had my cock hard all morning.”

Be sure to look for The Letter early in the new year to see how naughty "A Tisket A Tasket" can really be.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I'm having trouble leaving a response on some of my posts. What the hell, Blogger? So if you've left a comment and I haven't responded ... this is the reason. Thank you for visiting and I hope you'll stop by often. Hopefully this glitch will be resolved soon.

Friday, January 13, 2012

and "Thank You!!"

To those who follow me! You're the BEST!! If you're on Facebook, feel free to wander over and add me as a friend. I love interacting with everyone.

Friday the 13th

A day for getting lucky!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!

In many ways 2011 was a tough go. In others, it was wonderful. Good, bad. Push, pull. Give, receive. Not really any different from the years before. I'm ready to close the book on this one though and see what 2012 has in store.

Wishing you good health, unparalleled joy and prosperity in the new year.

Live well. Laugh often. Love ... always.

Happy New Year!!!