Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sweating my ass off

and I mean that literally!

Soooo ... I've been talking about getting back into yoga. I should mention that my experience with yoga, while limited, is also quite intense. If you've heard of the P90X program, you know that YogaX is one of the hardest 90 minutes you will ever endure ... and I wasn't able to endure it many times. Forty-five minutes on my hands was killer for the wrists and pretty much eliminated the ability to complete the rest of it. I swapped out the YogaX for the XStretch while doing that routine. With all that being said, I did not do that version of yoga tonight, because honestly ... *shaking my head* I simply can't do that program again.

Anyway, my holiday stocking contained Jillian Michael's "Yoga Meltdown" (I have a photo, but for an unknown reason, Blogger won't let me post it ... bastards) and I just did it for the first time this evening.

Of course I cranked the heat up -- to I don't know ... Dante's Inferno! -- because it's winter here in Michigan! Just the thought of stripping out of my usual three layers of clothing to don yoga pants and top and NO WOOL SOCKS made me shiver. It turns out, upping the thermostat was completely unnecessary.

This DVD contains two 30-minute workouts and I went with Level 1. All I can say is, yes, the moves are traditional yoga poses ... but that's about it. This is a cardio workout and it kicked my butt. My hair was soaked and sticking to me. I was also slightly nauseous at the end, but that could have been from having my face buried in my filthy carpet. As I type this, my arms are still trembling. I loved it.

Not sure if I'll be able to do it again tomorrow, but the goal is every other day. Hell, it's a half an hour! It takes me longer than that to eat a decent meal. I've made bigger life-style changes than moving my body in ways that will improve my strength, flexibility, and mental well-being. I can do this for myself.

*rolling shoulders* Christ though ... my arms (and probably every other major muscle) are gonna be sore. *grin* I love it!!