Monday, September 7, 2009

Silver Star Award!!

Heather Nestorick from Just Erotic Romance Reviews gave Open Proposal an incredibly beautiful review!! I read it to my husband, then promptly burst into tears! JERR's Silver Star Award is the highest honor they hand out...reserved for "the best of the best," according to their website. I am positively ecstatic over this!! Thank you so much, Ms. Nestorick!

Open Proposal jumped out at me from the first page. This book explored something we see so often between two men and one woman. The author made the characters come alive and showed the distinction between how two women can each love one man and each other completely. I love books with female/female scenes and I could not wait to get into this one. Sam and Eve are a great couple and they match each other perfectly. I was captivated with them from the moment I saw them. Eve reminds me of myself and Sam is a woman I would be deeply attracted to. Roman is perfect; he is secure with his masculinity and his sexuality enough to know that pleasing two woman must involve all three of them. The plot of the book was romantic and quick, allowing you to fall for the characters and giving you a satisfying ending to a wonderful love story. A night that started off as pleasure for Sam became a night where three people found true love. Their relationship builds quickly but feels very real because of the raw emotions the characters show for each other. I have never been so turned on when reading a work of fiction as I was with this one. Ms. Gunn provided enough detail to set the scene but left enough to the imagination that mine was racing and drawing so wonderful pictures! I loved the interaction between the characters and the gentle probing of each ones deepest fantasy. The sex in this book showed how physical intimacy can make emotional and physical attractions very real. It reminded of what true love really means. Open Proposal will tug your heart strings and will make you melt; especially if you enjoy the fantasy of two women pressed together. Without a doubt, Open Proposal is Silver Star Award material.

Heather Nestorick
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Rating: Silver Star Award
Heat level: Orgasmic!!