Sunday, June 14, 2009

Birth of a novel

[microphone in my face] Ms. Gunn, now that everything's set for the release of your first book...the editing, the excerpts, the website, the cover...what are you going to do?

[laughing] Oh, I'm going to Disney World!!

Yeah, that would have been nice. The reality is I took all the amazing energy that came from uploading my gorgeous cover to all the right places and used it to completely clean my house. [shaking head] I cleaned places that haven't seen the light of day in years -- like under the stove! Believe me, that wasn't a discovery that will be finding its way into any upcoming novel. [shrug] Although you really never can tell when something seemingly too mundane, too base, might weave its way in.

If at some point you read about the disgusting gunky, understove buildup in a future book...well, you are in the know as to where that hands-on reasearch came from.

Now to get back to the real way to celebrate the release of my book. Finish the next one!!