Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"But I love you..."

"...so how can I find pleasure in what you're asking me to do?"

In my next book, Salvage My Heart, Frank and Lydia are tempted to push boundaries that most couples are content to honor. Frank's a "nice guy" though. He loves women. Would never dream of physically hurting one. He enjoys making love gently. To complicate everything, Lydia has stirred up all sorts of new feelings in him, and phrases like forever and happily ever after are being given serious thought. He goes along with the role-playing and is finding it all highly erotic, but some of the things Lydia is asking of him have Frank wondering if deep down he's just some kind of sick pervert to be finding such intense pleasure in these acts.

Have you discovered that the sexual boundaries you had years ago are still in place, or have you expanded them a bit?