Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tiny summer guests

We have a nest on the elbow of the downspout protected by the overhang, that has been home to several types of birds during the last five years. It was originally built by some robins and they build a pretty sturdy nest.

This year a pair of mourning doves scouted it out early and actually managed to hang onto it through their two broods. Since doves are known to build notoriously flimsy nests usually consisting of three twigs in the Y of a branch, this well-built nest must have felt like a mansion.

I love to watch the calm cyclical rhythm of Nature...and this little bird nest is visible from my favorite chair on my front porch. The parents were both up in the nest yesterday with the two fledglings. All of them were fluttering around and carrying on, when one of the babies fell out. A parent flew down and watched from some distance, seeming to be waiting to step in if the baby showed any signs of clear distress. The baby hid among the ferns and foliage, making small peeping sounds, but otherwise was okay. Later in the evening the parent was feeding the baby. It would appear all that fluttering earlier in the day was all part of the plan.

Soon our little boarders will be gone for the summer. Once the last brood has flown, the parents vacate the nest. Possibly another "couple" will move in, but it's doubtful so late in the season.

Have you been Nature-watching some little critters as they travel around the Circle of Life? Please share. One of the babies decided to "people-watch" me as I took his picture.